[Upcoming Event] 甲子園の台灣魂──天下嘉農 紐約特映會 / KANO movie screening - 10/22 at Flushing; 10/23 at Manhattan

posted Oct 5, 2014, 8:20 AM by Wesley Chen   [ updated Oct 13, 2014, 2:24 PM ]

第一場 - "法拉盛":
- 日期時間: 10/22 星期三 6:30PM
- 放映地點: 台灣會館, 13744 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354
- 門票價格: US$5.
- 付款方式: 現場付款給售票義工。座位有限,先到者優先入場。 若您想先保留門票,請電洽或簡訊至929-500-1822,台灣會館718-445-7007,方惠英女士718-483-1764或email 至wesley.chen@taany.org

第二場 - "曼哈頓":
- 日期時間: 10/23 星期四 6:30PM
- 放映地點: JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th st, New York, NY10023
- 門票價格: $10 會員 / $13 非會員 / $20 現場購票
- 付款方式: 請至 https://kanonyc.eventbrite.com/ 付款完成後,你會收到電子票根, 麻煩當天請在手機秀出你的電子票或直接印出來給入口的義工看就好。如果您是同鄉會的會員, 你們在這兩天會收到一封同鄉會寄出的一封附上Coupon Code的email, 麻煩到時付款時使用coupon code就會得到$10元的優惠價格

註: 因為曼哈頓場地費用較高,因此早成兩場地的門票價格不一。

Event and Ticket Details: 

1st Screening at Flushing:
- Date and Time: 10/22 at 6:30PM
- Location: Taiwan Center, 13744 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11354
- Ticket Price: $5.
- Payment: Please pay at the door when you come in!! First come, first serve. If you would like to reserve the ticket, please kindly call us at 929-500-1822.

2nd Screening at Manhattan:
- Date: 10/23 - 6:30PM
- Location: JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam ave at 76th st, New York, NY10023
- Ticket Price: $10 members / $13 non-members / $20 at the door.
- Payment: Please go to https://kanonyc.eventbrite.com/ After checking out, you will receive digital ticket. When you check in on the date of the event, please show the ticket either on your smart phone or print a copy of your ticket. For TAANY members, you will receive a Coupon Code via Email. Please apply it when you check out to get the discount price.

Please message us if you have any question.

Note: the price difference between Flushing and Manhattan venue is due to higher facility expenses in Manhattan.

~~~ 活 動 簡 介 ~~~

還記得今年二月時天下嘉農/KANO在台灣刮起的旋風嗎? 還記得什麼是一球入魂嗎? 如果在那時因為身在美國沒辦法親身體會那種感動,熱血沸騰的棒球魂的話, 就不要再錯過這次機會了!! 

大紐約台灣同鄉會將會在10/22日與10/23日分別在法拉盛與曼哈頓舉辦天下嘉農的紐約首映會, 當天也會邀請製片魏德聖與黃志明到現場與各位分享拍片的心得與經驗. 

如果想要了解台灣棒球的光榮源起, 想要喚起心中那股曾經對棒球的執著與熱情的話, 就讓我們一起在那天為台灣的棒球再感動一次再加油一次吧

~~~ Event Introduction ~~~

Did you still remember the swept in Taiwan drove by KANO in Feb? Did you still remember the spirits of young Taiwanese baseball fighters? If you didn't get the chance to watch this amazing Taiwanese story portrayed by KANO last time, please join us to watch this spirit touching movie together!!!!

TAANY will host a special KANO screening on 10/22 in Flushing and on 10/23 in Manhattan. Let's watch the movie together to feel the baseball souls, to be proud of our Taiwanese heritage as a united society!!! We will invite the producer, Wei Te-Sheng and Huang Chih-Ming, to share his visions and experiences when he produced this incredible Taiwanese movie. 

If you want to learn the glory history of Taiwanese baseball, If you want to wake up the passion and persistence that you once had for Taiwanese baseball, please join us and let us use this opportunity to experience the simple but unforgettable baseball spirits together!!!