[Upcoming Event] Dinner & Discussion: The 228 Incident

posted Feb 23, 2014, 10:07 PM by Hwa-chow Oliver Hsu
Dear Friends, 

We invite you to join our next "Dinner & Discussion" event on Monday, February 24. As 228 is approaching, it is important to learn and to remember about the tragic part of Taiwanese history known as the "228 incident." Susan Hsieh will be facilitating and sharing about historical facts as well as her family history about 228 incident. Whether you wish to find out more about the 228 Incident, or have your own stories to share, we invite you to join us!

We will be holding this event in downtown Manhattan at TKettle (26 St. Marks Pl., New York, NY 10003). The event is free to join (aside from dinner cost). 

We hope to see you there!