[Upcoming Event] Killington Ski Trip

posted Feb 24, 2014, 7:56 PM by Hwa-chow Oliver Hsu   [ updated Feb 24, 2014, 7:59 PM ]
紐約台灣同鄉會將於2014/03/07 -2014/03/
09在北美最大的滑雪勝地─科靈頓度假村,舉辦滑雪之旅, 欲報名參加的朋友們,請盡速填妥網路報名表 (報名表網址http://goo.gl/3Gs5BD),並將款項匯至台灣同鄉會Paypal帳戶。報名截止日期: 2014/02/27。當我們確認收到款項後,會盡速訂購套裝行程並寄送Email確認信給您。

Taiwanese American Association of New York (TAA-NY) is going to host a ski trip to Killington Resort from 2014/3/7 to 2014/3/9. If you are interested in joining this trip, please fill out the sign-up form (please go tohttp://goo.gl/3Gs5BD) at your earliest convenience and transfer the money to TAA-NY’s Paypal Account. The sign-up deadline is 2014/02/27. Once we receive your payment, we will book the package and send you an email confirmation.

日期 : 2014/03/07 -2014/03/09
滑雪地點: 科靈頓度假村(Killington Resort: 4763 Killington Rd, Killington, VT 05751) 
住宿地點: Red Roof Inn Rutland
出發/歸程時間: 預計於2014/03/07, 7:00PM 出發;2014/03/09, 4:00PM回紐約
交通方式: 報名人數確認後通知。若您願意開車前往並歡迎共乘,請在報名表中註明。

Location and Trip Detail:
Date: 2014/03/07 -2014/03/09
Ski Resort: Killington Resort: 4763 Killington Rd, Killington, VT 05751
Lodging: Red Roof Inn Rutland
Departure Time: Leave from New York City to Killington Resort on 2014/03/07, 7:00PM; Leave from Killington Resort 2014/03/09, 4:00PM to New York City.
Transportation: Transportation will be worked out once we have an approximate headcount. If you have car and is willing to car-pool with others, please indicate it in the application form.

預計2天住宿+2天纜車車票約: US$220/一人; 2天住宿+2天纜車車票+2天滑具租借約: US$270/一人。(以上價格不包含交通費,實際價格以渡假村公告為主):
滑雪纜車車票2天: US$160/一人
纜車車票+滑具2天: US$210/一人
住宿2天: 約US$60/一人 (4人房; 2張Queen Size床) *註
*註: 歡迎邀約同伴湊滿4人房,若不滿4人,住宿費將由入住人數平均分攤,或是由TANNY安排補滿4人,請於報名表中註明。

Price Summary and Detail
2 days lodging + 2 days lift tickets are about US$220/per person; 2 days lodging + 2 days lift tickets+ 2 days rental are about US$270/per person (NOT including transportation; actual costs depend on resort posting)
2 days lift tickets: US$160/per person
2 days lift tickets+ 2 days rental: US$210/per person
2 days lodging: US$60/ per person (2 Queen Size Beds shared by 4people)*
*If there are less than 4 people per room, the cost will be split evenly by the number of people staying in the room. If you want to fill up the room with 4 people, we can also assist you to fill up the room at the best we can. Please specify your preference in the application form.

活動價格細項 Price Breakdown

A. 2晚住宿, 4人房 2 Nights, 4ppl room : US$60 (基本費; Mandatory)
B. 滑雪纜車車票 Lift Ticket: 1 day: US$85; 2 days: US$160
C. 滑具租借 Sport Rental: 1 day: US$50; 2 days: US$95
D. 滑雪纜車車票+滑具租借 Lift Ticket + Sport Rental: 1 day: US$135; 2 days: US$210

*上述價錢僅限於網路套裝(住宿+滑雪)早鳥優惠價,價格仍有變動的可能,實際價格以渡假村公告為主,多退少補! Prices listed above are early-bird online package deal (Lodging +Ski), subjected to changes from the resort and hotel. In the end, if there is some extra money, we will refund the price difference. Conversely, if the actual costs are higher, we will collect the price difference.

請將您欲參加活動的總款項匯款至台灣同鄉會Paypal帳戶: taany@taany.org;匯款時請註明此費用為滑雪之旅報名費。
1) 您想參加2天滑雪,且攜帶自己的滑具,匯款金額為$220:= $60(2晚住宿費)+$160(2天纜車車票);
2) 您想參加1天滑雪並租借1天滑具,匯款金額為$195:= $60(2晚住宿費)+$135(1天纜車車票+1天滑具租借)

Please wire the appropriate amount to TANNY’s Paypal Account: taany@taany.org and please include "Ski Trip payment". 
For example:
1) If you want to join 2days ski/snowboarding and have your won equipment’s, total wire amount will be US$220:= US$60(2 nights lodging)+US$160(2 days lift ticket);
2) If you want to join 1day ski/snowboarding and rent equipment for 1 day, total wire amount will be US$195:= US$60(2 nights lodging)+$135(2 days lift ticket).