[Announcement] Taiwanese movie screenings at AAIFF (discount available for TAA-NY members)

posted Jun 25, 2014, 10:26 PM by Hwa-chow Oliver Hsu   [ updated Jun 25, 2014, 11:14 PM ]
Dear friends, 

This year's Asian American International Film Festival, going from July 24th to August 2nd, will feature two movies by Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American directors: "The Rice Bomber" by Cho Li and "100 Days" by Henry Chan. TAA-NY members will receive information by email with a discount code when purchasing tickets, or call 917-500-1TAA (917-500-1822) for more information. 

Film Descriptions:


The Rice Bomber

Director Cho Li | 2014 | Taiwan | 117 mins | 

Based on a true social event, THE RICE BOMBER depicts a series of bombing events in Taiwan that occurred a decade ago, during a time when the agriculture was struggling to survive. A man named Yang Rumen (Ru) strives to arouse the government’s attention and to revive its conscience by making 17 rice bombs. Directed by Taiwanese female director and writer, Cho Li, THE RICE BOMBER tells the true story of this courageous farmer who was to become a hero in his native Taiwan. Korean lenser, Cho Yong-kyo delivers breathtaking compositions of rice fields and wetlands while a melodious score by Iranian composer, Peyman Yazdanian adds warmth and emotional heft to even the flatter scenes. THE RICE BOMBER is an official selection for Berlinale 2014.

More info about "The Rice Bomber" as well as ticket purchase links can be found here: http://aaiff.org/2014/films/rice-bomber/

100 Days

Director Henry Chan | 2013 | Taiwan | 104 mins |

Well-known for directing popular TV episodics such as “Moesha,” “Scrubs,” “King of Queens,” and “The B in Apt. 23,” Henry Chan’s aesthetic naturally leans towards a Hollywood narrative. However, being his first Chinese language film, 100 DAYS successfully integrates local Taiwanese flavors despite its blockbuster finesse. This film is a heartfelt romantic comedy about Bo Dan, a cold-hearted telecommunications executive who returns to his small island town for his estranged mother’s burial and learns about an unfamiliar Taiwanese tradition: marry within 100 days in order for the parent’s spirit to peacefully transition into the afterlife. However, when a typhoon leaves him stranded on North Island, Bo Dan is not only forced to reconnect with the backdrop of his adolescence, but also forced to reconnect with his free-spirited, childhood sweetheart who is engaged to a local villager.

More info about "100 Days" as well as ticket purchase links can be found here: http://aaiff.org/2014/films/100-days/