12/18 Sun. 6PM~9PM@ Taiwan Union Christian Church

posted Nov 29, 2016, 6:55 PM by Jimmy Huang

The TAANY year-end hotpot reunion is coming up!!! TAANY is hosting this hotpot party for 3 consective years. If you want to get to know new Taiwanese friends in New York, then you should not miss this chance to meet a lot of talent Taiwanese fellows. Price is $25/per person. Online registration deadline is Thursday 12/16/2016 11:59pm(EST). We also will have the lottery by the day!! The walk-in price is $40. Please make sure to register before the deadline so that we can prepare enough amount of foods!!

【網路報名】 $25 ($40 現場價) (PayPal)
1) 請將$25付款到 PayPal: taany@taany.org 
a. 請註明 "2016 Hotpot" 
b. PayPal 匯款時請選擇 "Send money to family and friends" 並在報名表上填上PayPal 提供的 Confirmation Number
c. 若幫本人以外付款,請提供幫付款人的姓名

2) 付完款後請點以下連結填寫報名表:https://goo.gl/forms/ohQjj7d8DDYAJQet2

3) 請注意匯款報名截止時間為 12/16/2016 星期五晚間11:59PM(EST),逾時將不受理網路報名匯款,請至現場繳交 $40現場價。

當日現場價為 $40。鼓勵大家盡量預先網路付費以方便工作人員事先準備充分的食物給參加的朋友,感謝大家配合!

Eason Wu (862-368-9117, eason.wu@p2tw.org)
Ying-Ying Chen (347-622-2080, yyc@taany.org)
Monica Hsiao (917-830-3148,monica.hsiao@taany.org)

$25 Presale / $40 Walk-In
Please make your payment and fill out the form below for a complete online registration.
1)Send $25 to TAANY PayPal account: taany@taany.org
a. With a note "2016 Hotpot"
b. Please select "Send money to family and friends" when using PayPal for your payment method and fill in your confirmation number provided by PayPal on the registration form
c. Please leave your friend's name in the note if you're paying for your friend.

2)Complete the online registration form:

3)Please note that there's a cut-off time for online payment/registration. Please complete the payment/registration by Thursday 12/16/2016 11:59pm(EST). For a better event arrangement. $40 walk-in price will be charged for any payment/registration made after the cut-off time. 

For any other questions, please contact our staff at
Taiwan Center: 718-445-7007
Eason Wu (862-368-9117, eason.wu@p2tw.org)
Ying-Ying Chen (347-622-2080, yyc@taany.org)
Monica Hsiao (917-612-1041 ,monica.hsiao@taany.org)