09/18 Sun. 1;30PM~4:30PM『柚』見中秋,揪團烤肉! (TAANY Annual BBQ Event)

posted Aug 13, 2016, 3:54 AM by Jimmy Huang   [ updated Aug 13, 2016, 3:58 AM ]
一年一度的中秋百人大團圓烤肉又來啦!!說到台灣過中秋就不得不想到烤肉,即使我們是在美國,我們當然也要烤一下!! 當天TAANY會為大家準備美味的燒烤食材,珍奶和月餅讓我們一起來看看外國的月亮是不是真的有比較圓~外國的烤肉是不是真的比較香~ 參加費用為每人$25, 報名截止日: 9/15/2016. 當天還會有抽獎活動喔!! 

The Annual BBQ reunion festival is coming!!! When it comes to celebrate Mid-Autum Festival in Taiwan, everyone will automatically think about BBQ. Yes, BBQ it is. We, TAANY is hosting a BBQ event to celebrate this special festival. There will be delicious food for grill and traditional moon cake and bubble tea. Please join us to create another wonderful memory together~!! Price is $25/per person. Sign up deadline is 9/15/2016. We also will have the lottery by the day!!

If you are interested in, please complete the following steps:

1) 請將$25付款到 Paypal: taany@taany.org 
Please pay $25 to Paypal: taany@taany.org 
a. 請註明"BBQ Deposit" / Please Put "BBQ Deposit" in the note
b. 匯款時請選擇"Send money to family and friends" / Please select "Send money to family and friends" 
c. 若幫本人以外付款,請提供幫付款人的姓名 / If you are paying for more than 1 person, please provide the names you are paying for.

After the payment, please fill up the sign up sheet.