08/20 Sat.2PM~5PM@Queens College From Taiwan with Love in Africa 2016 臺灣愛飛揚,紐約慈善巡演

posted Jul 30, 2016, 5:16 PM by Jimmy Huang   [ updated Jul 30, 2016, 5:17 PM ]
The Goodwill Mission 2016 – From Taiwan with Love in Africa is a performance by children from the Amitofo Care Center in Lesotho & Malawi. It will showcase what the children have learned for the past year and as an appreciation for people who have cared and supported this Mission in Africa. The program consists of folksongs in Taiwanese, Chinese and English; traditional/tribal dances and martial arts among others. Tickets are now 50% Off when you purchase with TAANY or Taiwan Center! (Original prices of $20/$50/$100 are now $10/$25/$50!)

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Note: All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. We will notify you if your preferred-priced tickets are sold out. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you at Colden Auditorium!

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各位有見過可愛的非洲孩子唱台灣民謠或是表演武術嗎?這些孩子除了自己的母語,還講了一口流利的中文,由來自賴索托及馬拉威兩地的Amitofo Care Centre (阿彌陀佛關懷中心)兒童村的院童帶給大家各種精彩的演出,現在跟台灣同鄉會或是台灣會館購票,將享有半折的優惠!(原價$20/$50/$100 現在只要 $10/$25/$50!)



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張君麟 718-915-6296 (jason.chang@taany.org)
陳盈穎 347-622-2080 (yyc@taany.org)

Amitofo Care Centre (阿彌陀佛關懷中心)是個由台灣人創辦的國際非政府組織 (INGO) ,主要服務非洲因貧窮戰亂、天災肆虐、愛滋蔓延而痛失父母的非洲兒童。