08/06 Sat.3PM~6PM@Taiwan Center『灣生回家』台灣會館放映+與監製田中實加面對面座談會!

posted Aug 1, 2016, 5:10 PM by Jimmy Huang   [ updated Aug 1, 2016, 8:51 PM ]

Wansei refers to Japanese who were born in Taiwan during the colonial period. Families and friends were separated between Taiwan and Japan since the repatriation after WWII. For 12 years of field interviews and 5 years of filming production, “Wansei Back Home” tells the true story from Wansei born between 1895-1946. It doesn't only tell the stories of Wansei, but also the stories of friendship and family ties, the meaning of life and bravery when facing the harsh adversity.

Due to the technical problem for the screening on July 30th, we will make another screening possible on Saturday August 6th. To make it even better, the author/producer of the book/documentary will attend the event to offer open discussion after the screening! Per our courtesy to friends who had made your payments and attended the screening on July 30th, you will be granted FREE admission when you present your tickets from the previous screening at the door. Friends who do not have the previous screening tickets, please follow the procedure below for your complete online registration or call Taiwan Center at 718-445-7007 to reserve your tickets TODAY.



8/6 的映演及座談將沿用相同的網路預售方式,7/30 已經參加過映演的朋友歡迎持7/30 的票根前往會館免費再度體驗一次《灣生回家》帶給你的震撼及感動,並參加與作者/監製田中實加(陳宣儒)及台灣現代史學者杜正宇面對面的座談!

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