04/11 Mon. or 04/12 Tue. 7:10~10:00P.M.『殷』雄報到─陳偉殷大都會球場首投の日 (4/11 or 4/12)(100件限量T-Shirt!)

posted Mar 30, 2016, 5:55 PM by Jimmy Huang
All signs point to Wei-Yin Chen, the 30-year-old left-hander from Taiwan, as the Marlins' first starter against New York Mets at the Mets Stadium scheduled on Monday, Apr 11th or Tuesday, Apr 12th. For baseball enthusiasts, or people who simply love everything Taiwan, TAANY brings you this opportunity to see Chen pitch closely with fellow Taiwanese fans at the Mets Stadium. We offer $30 ticket to the game along with one beautifully-designed, limited Chen T-shirt by TAANY for you to show your support to Chen. 

Exact date of the game is not confirmed yet. We will keep you posted when we hear the first word of the rotation. Stay tuned to our event page for any updates! 

If you just HAVE TO be there to support Chen no matter what, we hear ya! That’s why we’ve started the online registration for fans to secure their seats even though the game schedule is not fully confirmed. And of course, you could always register later when the schedule is clear.

To register with TAANY, please make your payment and fill out the form below for a complete online registration.

1) Send $30 to 
PayPal (taany@taany.org) or
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a. With a note "54 CHEN"
b. Please select "Send money to family and friends" when using PayPal for your payment method.
c. Please leave your friend's name in the note if you're paying for your friend.

2) Complete the online registration form:

The registration is successful only if you complete BOTH your payment and the form submission.

For ticket or any other questions, please contact:
Taiwan Center ( 718-448-7007) 
Jason Chang (718-915-6296, jason.chang@taany.org)
Ying-Ying Chen (347-622-2080, yyc@taany.org)

See you at the game!!


沒錯! 陳偉殷要來紐約大都會投球了! 台灣目前在大聯盟碩果僅存的「強力左腕」陳偉殷即將在大都會球場登板,這也是陳偉殷第一次在大都會球場投球。根據目前輪值推估,陳偉殷將於4/11(周一)7:10pm或4/12(周二)7:10pm其中一天先發投球,若是日期確定,我們將馬上公布。凡是跟台灣同鄉會購票者,每一張票含特製的限量T-shirt, 將收取$30。(印製的陳偉殷T-shirt件數有限,將以向同鄉會購買球票的球迷為主)

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