04/09 Sat.9A.M.~4P.M.@Branch Brook Park 『櫻櫻』大代誌─大紐約台灣同鄉會賞櫻團! (Cherry Blossom Festival, Branch Brook Park, NJ)

posted Mar 28, 2016, 9:34 AM by Jimmy Huang   [ updated Mar 30, 2016, 5:55 PM ]
春天終於到了!!!! 經過了今年這捉模不定的冬天, 想必大家都已經悶在家悶到快發霉了吧!! 因此TAANY將在4月9日星期六租巴士開團到NJ的Branch Brook Park賞櫻. 如果不想要花四小時的車程到DC賞櫻的, 就跟我們一起去NJ賞櫻吧. 櫻花還是一樣美, 但只需一小時多的車程! 

Branch Brook Park是NJ最大也是最美的賞櫻景點, 其風景也是一點都不輸DC的!

目前為一個人$30元, TAANY的會員為$25元, 持有有效學生證的學生也是$25元, 如果能在3/27前完成匯款的,就享有早鳥票$23元喔

1) 請付款到 Paypal: taany@taany.org or or Chase QuickPay to monica.hsiao@taany.org
a. 請註明"CB Trips" in the notes
b. 匯款時請選擇"Send money to family and friends" (for paypal)
2) 付完款後請填寫報名表 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G9WPQ3B

活動將於4/9早上9:00由台灣會館接收第一批報名者並準時出發,並於45分鐘後,9:45抵達曼哈頓台北經濟文化辦事處接收第二批上車的 報名人員。報名到4/6日截止喔!!

Thank you!!

Spring is officially here! After surviving this long and cold winter, we know everyone are ready to go outside and enjoy the warm and shining weather. Since it has been a while that everyone has not hung out together, TAANY is going to host a Cherry Blossom Trip to the Branch Brook Park in NJ. The Branch Brook park is the largest and the best park to watch the cherry blossom in NJ. It will only take about an hour bus ride to the park, which is way more attractive than the 4 hours ride to DC and you get to enjoy the similar view and hang out with the coolest TAANY crowd. 

The regular ticket is $30. For TAANY's member is $25. The students with valid student ID is $25 as well. Early bird to finish the payment by 3/27 is $23!! This comes with complimentary snacks and beverage provided by TAANY. (Please prepare the Lunch by yourself)

1) Please pay the fee via Paypal: taany@taany.org or Chase QuickPay to monica.hsiao@taany.org
a. Please Put "CB Trip" in the note
b. Please select "Send money to family and friends" (for paypal)
2) After the payment, please fill up the sign up sheet in the below link:

]We will still have two pick up location:9:00AM at Taiwan Center at Flushing and 9:45AM at 42st, 5AVE. Please save the date and stay tune. Look forward to seeing you in the trip~The deadline to register is 4/6!

Thank you!